Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

NWSL: 10 goals


Nicole Barnhart

Seattle Reign vs. FCKC

jun-witherspoon said: I have no word to describe A-Mom. She scored again with a wonderful solo goal. *dead*

I don’t know what got into her Wheaties!

How to get alcohol poisoning:


Take a shot every time a commentator mentions A-Rod having a baby last season



I say the NWSL need a mic on the players. Esp Ash and Arod at this moment.

I feel like A-Rod and Ashlyn have faced off quite a lot. 2011 WPS championship, 2010 WPS semi, a handful of regular season games…


that’s unfortunate. 

This game though.


FCKC vs. Washington Spirit 5/11/14

The rest of the photos from the match can be found here: x

Insert standard “Don’t remove my watermark, please give me credit if you use my pictures, ect” statement here


Arod is an adorable little human. 

Kelcee decided to confuse Krieger and take a picture with her phone while I got one too so that is why we are looking in two different directions. So if anyone wants to like take them and photoshop it for me so we are looking the same direction (I don’t know photoshop stuff) I would be all for that.

LeP is a freaking ray of sunshine and was super excited about the bracelets I made and she is just fantastic.

I thought I was taller than Lori but I guess not, just barely though :)

Problems I’ve had with the commentators


Portland - focused too much on Allie Long and how every ball Portland touched seemed to be gods gift to football. 

FC Kansas City - talked…at….this….pace…and couldn’t keep names, stats, injuries, or anything straight. 

Chicago Red Stars - Pretty sure they don’t know there’s a game going on. 

Was the Chicago commentary really that bad? LMAO. (Because I thought the FCKC one has been pretty awful.)