An expert hair braider, lazy princess, and alleged elf, Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

2014 NWSL Champion: 13 regular season goals (3 postseason goals)

When Amy scored, I was really happy, but my smile also kind of looked like this:


Just saw the lineup.



FCKC marketing technique for the 2014 season: Lets market to kids! 

Attendance sucks despite having an amazing season. So what does the team post on Facebook?

"We’re going to market MORE to children!!!!!"

Apparently the lessons of WPS haven’t been learned.

FCKC should be doing more with their YouTube channel.


2014 NWSL Championship 8.31.14

The rest of the photos from the match can be found here: x

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Another interesting thing about this past season: I think the quality of A-Rod’s goals was generally higher than those with Philly.

Not to say that she didn’t score some beauties in seasons past, but she does seem to be striking the ball better than ever.

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