Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

NWSL: 14 goals


USA and Germany only need a draw result to qualify.





That tweet symbolized exactly why I dislike the USA team and fans.

He’s congratulating his fellow player and friend. He said nothing about you, so why does the official twitter that represents all of them have to go and make a comment. It shows just how petty they are.

why are u acting like a lil bitch

It’s a Spain fan girl.


WHAT A SHOT. The US ties up the game at 1 after an amazing Jones goal.

Portugal 1 - 1 USA

What the hell?!

The USWNT fandom (via passionate-not-obsessed)

@laureboulleau: En mode @TobinHeath ce soir! Tu vas me manquer Lefty! Fin de la tournée américaine par un 2-2! Place aux vacances!

Thursday June 19, 2014: USA forward Amy Rodriguez #8 celebrates with USA forward Alex Morgan after scoring a goal during the second half of the international friendly soccer match between France and USA at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.


When the girls were stretching ARod started singing “Let It Go” 😂