An expert hair braider, lazy princess, and alleged elf, Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

2014 NWSL Champion: 13 regular season goals (3 postseason goals)

A-Rod fangirling

  • Still, Rodriguez finds herself feeling like that crazed blonde 11-year-old from a decade ago, armed with a Sharpie in one hand, a soccer magazine in the other, leaning over a stadium wall wailing, “Brandi!!! Brandi!!!”
  • "When I was growing up, I had a bunch of role models. I still actually have this poster up: I had a big poster of Julie Foudy signed to me…For me, it’s a little bit weird to think that some other little girl is in my shoes, way back when I was looking up at the walls."
  • “Joy Fawcett. We actually share the same name. My middle name is Joy and her first name is Joy. I think it’s kinda cool.”
  • “Also Michelle Akers, who everybody knows is just amazing!”
  • “Kristine Lilly has always been a big idol of mine. I actually got to play with her a couple games.”

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