An expert hair braider, lazy princess, and alleged elf, Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

2014 NWSL Champion: 13 regular season goals (3 postseason goals)

kiiim98 replied to your post: Five A-Rod Videos That Every Fan Should Know

what vid’s the gif from?? I’ve never seen it

http://www.fifa.com/newscentre/videos/video=516794/index.html Be warned: Cheney cries.

iseebeautyinallthings replied to your postFive A-Rod Videos That Every Fan Should Know

You’re so lucky ARod has so many great videos where she’s being fun and cute!

Hey, LeP has Instagram and a website! I’m stuck with years-old videos.



WNT Sandcastle Competition - A-Rod takes the team-building activity a little too seriously. A lot too seriously.

KK Cam: PUMA Shoot and PB&J - A-Rod explains why she’s awesome, gets made fun of by KK…

I dare say every USWNT fan should be made to watch this. Then she will be loved by all the fandom (What can I say I’m a dreamer like Tobin…)

My goal with this blog is to show the world how adorable Amy Joy is by spamming the tag with her adorkableness. That should be my tagline…Fyeahamyrodriguez: You WILL love her.

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