Amy Rodriguez is one of the quickest and most adorable players in the world. I am Tumblr's resident grumpy A-Rod fan.

2014 NWSL Champion: 13 regular season goals (3 postseason goals)

[W]hen the team had to make a final decision during the offseason on whether to trade for Rodriguez, whose rights were held by Seattle and who sat out the league’s first season while pregnant with her first child, Andonovski again wanted to go through Holiday. He called her as she boarded the bus after a national team practice and told her he needed her opinion on a question of great importance. She told him to wait while she got off the bus so she could give it her full attention.

She told him Rodriguez would score ‘tons of goals.’ He asked her if she was speaking as a friend or as a team captain. It was as both, but she assured him again that Rodriguez would get the job done.

Little, in fact, scored more goals than Rodriguez in the regular season. No one scored more than Rodriguez in the playoffs. Holiday had it right all along. And Kansas City had the pure goal scorer it didn’t have a season ago.
‘It’s almost like she wanted to prove something,’ Andonovski said.

Graham Hayes, “Ultimate Soccer Mom Amy Rodriguez Delivers NWSL Title To FC Kansas City”


Cause of Death: Lauren Holiday smiling and cradling Arod’s face as she hugs her in celebration of their NWSL Championship win.



Amy Rodriguez puts FC Kansas City ahead 1-0 in the 22’ of the 2014 NWSL Championship


@ussoccer_wnt: #USWNT on its way to public training at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. http://t.co/Y1ZoNLIfW8 http://t.co/SA9m6yPQNs

Bus buddies reunited!

2005/early 2006? And is that Cheney?



Literally could you two be more cute??
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After warm-ups, Cheney came over to say hi to ARod. Hugging ensued.